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August 30, 2008

Baluch condemn honour killing

by M. Sarjov

[this letter responds to this news]

Burying women alive is not Baluch custom, it is against Islamic teachings and it is against Baluch culture. No society can survive if every criminal act of individuals or groups is justified by honour or tradition. Senator Sardar Israrullah Zehri may not know Baluch culture. If he does know, then he is deliberately disgracing Baluch tradition and culture.

Baluchs Legendary Leader Chakar the Great's sister led the Baluch army against Indian Mahraja. She was a woman and Chakar's sister and Sheikhak's daughter. I am pretty sure she did not lead the army under a veil. Hur Bibi, sister of Khalil Khan I and daughter of Gamshadzai tribal chief, led an army of Baluch men against Qajar and defeated Qajar. Mehrab Khan's wife played an important role in fighting against British; she accompanied Naseer Khan II when the young Khan was in battle against the British.

What Sardar Israrullah is trying to say is that Baluch women are worthless creatures and should be kept in chains at all times. Most Baluch political parties boycotted the last election. Most Baluch political parties resigned their parliamentary seat after the assassination of Nawab Akbar by Pakistan 's army. Israrullah is Musharraf s remnant, he is Baluch all right but represents the rapist army of Pakistan in Baluchistan.

Other Sardars who are involved in burying women are the Peoples Party representative. The PPP president nominee is a criminal. Israrullah and others should not hide behind Baluch culture, Baluch are not women killers. These Sardars have sold their soul to the devil, on the behest of ISI they are trying to paint the picture that Baluch are backward and not able to operate in a modern system.

These values are imposed on Baluch by Pakistan establishment through Israrullah Zehri. An interior Minister visited Baluchistan and he admitted the 1,000 missing person's list. These so called missing persons are jailed illegally by the Pakistan army, no one knows of their whereabouts. These missing persons are not ordinary individuals. They are the cream of Baluch society. They are the lawyers, the doctors, and intellectuals, the future of a successful and democratic Baluchistan. Women are half of the population. No society can survive without the active participation of their women. Many Sardar's daughter and ordinary Baluch daughters and sisters have refused to marry their parents chosen partner, and they have never been killed.

This Pakistani policy must not be allowed to become part of Baloch culture, those Sardars who support this practice should be removed from Baluch society and become the Pakistani Gulam they aspire to.